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Car Detailing Tip of the Week

Tinted Windows

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Why tint my windows?

We advise every car owner to seriously consider window tinting. Tinting your car’s windows can help in more ways than one may think.

The Sun’s UV rays are very strong in the Summer, causing excessive heat that can not only damage you cars interior but can cause harm to your children. A friend of mine last summer was placing her child in the car seat when the baby just let out a cry like no other! Turns out due to the car’s lack of window tint caused the interior of the car to heat up to a mind blowing 200F, causing the buckles in the car seat to become very hot and they ended up leaving a blister on the child’s leg. The next day she called us. This is just one of many reasons it it a safe idea to tint your cars windows, which is why we offer mobile window tinting

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Here at Orlando’s Finest Details, we have trained and certified window tinting specialist that install our mobile window tints. We have many tint percentages to choose from, allowing our customers to have a flexible choice when it comes to window tinting in Orlando.

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