Headlight Restoration

Headlight Restoration Orlando

Headlight Restoration Orlando

Orlando headlight restoration makes those yellow and ugly headlights look brand new. Buying brand new headlights may cost you upwards of $300 to $500 per headlight! There’s no need, Orlando’s Finest Details offers headlight restoration that will have your headlights looking like the day you bought the car. We guarantee our headlights to last 2 years after the restoration date. We coat the headlights with quartz which enables our headlights to last longer than any product or service on the market.

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UV rays from the sun, the heat from your light bulbs and debris gradually wear down your headlights and cause them to oxidize and look old. It happens over time to every vehicle on the road. It causes you to lose visibility and can actually result in a traffic ticket (this is not common but can happen). You really want to get them cleaned up as soon as you notice them turning because the worse they get the more it will cost you to correct them.


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There are a few different methods to restoring your headlights but there’s only one way that works every time and is long lasting. You may have seen headlight restoration kits on commercials or being sold inside of AutoZone. These are less expensive quick fixes that are good if your headlights are just starting to look a little yellow. For more damaged headlights you will need to have them sanded down and buffed out. This will bring them back to showroom quality and make it look as if nothing ever happened. That can be a difficult process and should be left to the professionals.

We offer a variety of packages for the different sets of lights on your vehicle. Headlights start at $59 per set for complete restoration. We offer quick fixes for $19 with a detail. Fog lights start at $19 per set. Side marker lights start at $19 per set. Tail lights begin at $19 per set. If you need the complete set done we have a package that starts at $99.

Schedule an appointment give us a call at 407-300-1037 or fill out the quick quote and select headlight restoration. For pictures of our most recent work check out our Instagram page for a full gallery. Don’t waste your money buying brand new headlights. Let Orlando’s Finest Details restore your headlights and make them look like new again.

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