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McLaren MP4-12C Car Paint Correction

Orlando’s Finest Detail on a 12C.

Today we had a Mclaren MP4-12C, that was in need of a good compounding, polishing, and waxing. This car had scratches, swirl marks, and holograms due to improper washing and drying. Apparently one of the neighbors is building a very large masonry brick house and when cutting the brick some of that dust got on the car. The car was taken down to an “auto spa” and they proceded to scrub in the sand like dust into the paint and most likely towel dried. Below is the products we used to correct the paint.

3M Perfect Machine Polish Purple Haze Pro Wax Nano Skin Auto Scub Wash Mitt
3M™ Compound, Swirl Remover, & Polish Dodo Juice Purple Haze Soft Wax NanoSkin AutoScrub Medium Wash Mitt
Mothers Wheel and Tire Cleaner Chemical Guys Mr. Pink Super Suds Porter Cable 7424 XP Dual Action Polisher
Mothers Wheel & Tire Cleaner Chemical Guys Mr Pink Super Suds Porter Cable 7424 XP Dual Action Polisher

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Some history of the car from Jay Leno.At first glance this car looks amazing.2014-02-16 10.10.54Then we inspect a little further and find water spots.2014-02-16 10.15.47And more water spots, something just is not right here.2014-02-16 10.15.39On the clear bra there was marring due to a rushed install caused by moving the installation squeegee too quickly.2014-02-16 10.15.16Oh no! Swirl marks and more water spots, this paint is in poor condition.2014-02-16 10.13.41Even more water spots and old wax in the cracks.2014-02-16 10.14.39At least the rims were not bad given this car only had 1,200 miles on it.2014-02-16 10.15.01More swirl marks and marred paint.2014-02-16 10.13.47The panels under the car at the bottom of the door were the worst, given they took the most abuse underneath the car when closed.2014-02-16 10.22.44Holograms, swirls, and scratches.2014-02-16 11.39.30More dirt, water spots, and marring.2014-02-16 10.14.55One of the largest holograms we have ever seen!2014-02-16 10.14.29Here you can see deep scratches on the rear bumper.2014-02-16 11.38.17After washing, decontaminating, and drying we decide to pull it in to the garage and further inspect. Let’s take a look at the bumper again.2014-02-16 15.29.11Here you can really see the pronounced paint defects. Swirls galore! car detailing orlandoWe worked from the least abrasive technique and worked our way up. Here is a look at those swirls and marring again, this car was in bad shape and needed some love!2014-02-17 10.25.59We developed our feel for the paint and worked some test spots. Looking good!2014-02-17 10.41.362014-02-17 10.41.41Jason delivering the TKO to the swirl marks and clear coat abrasions.2014-02-17 11.25.562014-02-17 11.44.202014-02-17 11.44.132014-02-17 11.20.09At the top right you can see the swirls and the difference of the test spot.2014-02-16 12.21.22The clear bra had scratches and marring. We could tell it was a rushed job not only because the marring when applying the film but also because some of the leading edges of the door viens were not done on one side of the car.2014-02-17 11.28.59The carbon fiber around the motor was in perfect condition and only needed a good wipe down and wax.2014-02-17 11.21.19After compounding, swirl elmination, polishing, and waxing (two days later) we had the finished paint correction.2014-02-17 17.32.26(1)Notice how the cars color changes a little, given all the defects were removed you can now see the paint under all the corrected clear coat. The problem occurs when there are swirl marks and/or holograms all through out the paint, the small scratches refract the light, and never let you see the true depth of the paint underneath. Correcting the clear coat allows for the paint to come out and reveal itself. Funny it’s called paint correction even though it’s the clear that is in need of correction.2014-02-17 17.19.142014-02-17 17.32.192014-02-17 17.20.372014-02-17 17.17.49(1)Lets take a look at the bumper again.2014-02-17 17.32.42Mobile Detailing OrlandoThis detail turned out to be pretty fun, not every day do you get to work on such a amazing piece of history. Feats like the MP4-12C from McLaren Automotive truely defines the term supercar.

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