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Orlando’s Finest Boat Detail

Boats must be detailed just as often as cars, if not more. A boat takes a lot more abuse than a car does. If not taken care of properly oxidation can began to show up very quickly. Here is an example of a boat that was left alone for a little too long.

Products Used

mobile detailing orlandoThis 20′ Seadoo is the perfect candidate for our Orlando’s Finest Boat Detail.boat detailing orlandoThere are so many scratches. Being on the water can really take its toll.boat detailing orlandoIt’s oxidized so badly it looks as if there’s a reflection from the water. Just in case you didn’t know theres no water around.boat detailing orlandoThe interior is well taken care of.boat detailing orlandoThat is mostly people getting in and out the boat.boat detailing orlandoThe other side is just as bad. The sun isn’t on it so it doesn’t look so bad.boat detailing orlandoAfter a wash and decon this is what I have to work with.boat detailing orlandoStarted a test spot to see what it was gonna take to get this right. After a couple passes with compound and a wool pad the oxidation was coming off but it definitely wasn’t where it needs to be.boat detailing orlandoboat detailing orlandoIt’s looking a lot better but it still needs something else.boat detailing orlandoI ended up having to use 1500 grit sand paper to completely remove all the oxidation and scratches. There we go!boat detailing orlandoboat detailing orlandoboat detailing orlandoboat detailing orlandoboat detailing orlando

Marine 31 Wax and Sealant 3M Red Sanding Disk Nano Skin Auto Scub Wash Mitt
Marine 31 Wax/Sealant 3M™ 1500-grit Sanding Disks NanoSkin AutoScrub Medium Wash Mitt
3M 3-step Copound and Poilsh Chemical Guys Mr. Pink Super Suds
3M™ 3-Step Compound and Polishes Chemical Guys Mr Pink Super Suds Makita Rotary Buffer 9227C
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