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Car Detailing Tip of The Week

Claybar a Detailers Best Friend.

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Why claybar a car?

Even though you washed and waxed your car to perfection you may feel some rough areas on your paint. That may be due to contaminants that are embedded in the surface of your car. No matter how hard you try, you will not be able to remove the debris. That is where claybar comes in handy. Claybar picks up all the extra stuff that washing cannot do. You start by washing the vehicle thoroughly. Afterwards do not dry the vehicle. Take the clay and mat it down to a smooth surface. Work the clay back and forth on the surface of the paint using soap or spray wax as lubrication. Do this one panel at a time, in small sections that you feel comfortable working. Rinse it off and feel the section to see if it is smooth. If it isn’t keep working that section until you have a smooth finish. Do this to the entire vehicle and then wash it one more time to remove any left over clay. You must wax or put a sealant on the vehicle because you have now removed all protection from the paint. Now you will have a smooth, glossy finish on your car!

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I had a customer that had water stains on the hood and rear of his Jeep Commander. In a lot of cases you would have to polish the car to remove those marks. I was actually able to remove majority of the stains with the claybar. You can get a bar of clay at your local auto parts store or you can buy it online. Fill out a quick quote and take off 15% when you get a claybar treatment through Orlando’s Finest Details.

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