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Window Tint with a Coat of Wax

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A customer of ours called us last week and said that he was going be in a Mustang car show and wanted us to detail his Mustang to spruce it up. The car was in fairly decent shape, had’nt be washed in about a month, but was definitely in need of a coat of wax. The one thing that stuck out the most was that his window tint was peeling and changing colors. I let him know that we could remove the old film and re-tint with brand new film. We eventually agreed to wax the mustang and retint the windows as he wanted the car to look it’s best for the car show. It turned out to be a really good decision.

Car Detailing Orlando

When the customer saw the results he was astonished and completely stoked to go to the car show the next day. A coat of wax gives your car an awesome shine but it does more than that. Wax is made specifically to protect the paint on your car from the elements. Without waxing your car regularly, you leave your paint completely exposed to sun rays, bugs, tar, sap and other foreign objects that are not good for the car.

Car Detailing Orlando

Window tint also enhances the look of the vehicle but it is mainly to keep UV rays out of the vehicle, leaving the inside cooler than a vehicle without tint. It also provides privacy so people cannot see into your car so easily. We live in Florida and it is hot. You can at least know you will be comforted from that while in your car.

The great part when Orlando’s Finest Details tints your windows is your car will be cleaned afterwards, looking fresh as the day you bought it.

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